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Stud Book bands outline the various levels of qualification criteria which have to be achieved for a dog to gain its Stud Book Number- an award which will qualify a dog for entry at Crufts.

The bands are divided into 5 levels, and breeds are assigned their band on an annual basis. A dog can gain a Stud Book Number in various ways, through winning a Challenge Certificate or a Reserve Challenge Certificate or having gained a specific award in one of the classes in their band at a Championship Show where CC's are on offer for the breed.

A Stud Book Number can also be awarded to a dog having qualified for it's Junior Warrant. CC's, Reserve CC's and Junior Warrants qualify in all bands.

The Stud Book Bands are reviewed annually using entry statistics gathered from General, Group and Breed Club Championship shows over the previous two years. The totals are then averaged out and applied to a scale which determines which Stud Book Band the breed falls into.

For 2015 it is confirmed that the Great Dane will be in Stud Book Band C. This means 1st/2nd in Open Class or 1st in Limit Class.



Taking retrospective effect from 1st January 2013, the Kennel Club General Committee has approved new policies to exempt Best in Show and Policy judges from Regulation F(1)21.b. A Policy judge is an individual who has previously been approved to award Challenge Certificates to 70% of the breeds in any particular Group.

Regulation F(1)21.b outlines the eligibility of those who may judge breeds where more than 3 classes (or 5 classes for Stud Book band E breeds) are scheduled at Open Shows or to judge non CC breeds at General and Group Championship Shows.

Best in Show and Policy judges have been granted dispensation from the requirement to be on a breed club B list or above for breeds in their approved group(s) for which they are not yet approved to award CCs, and are therefore eligible to judge more than 3 classes (or 5 for Stud Book band E breeds).

By allowing this exemption, it is envisaged that Best in Show and Policy judges will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of breeds for which they have yet to be approved for CCs or non CC breeds.


21st March 2013

Our committee received a letter of thanks from the Animal Health Trust after the M&Wof EGDC donated £750 to help in their research for inherited genetic risk factors relating to Osteosarcoma in Great Danes

Please click HERE to view letter.  (Apologies for the poor quality of the image)

With the aim of increasing entries and encouraging new exhibitors the KC, after a two-year consultation, has revealed the names of the six new ‘All Breed’ shows where all breeds will be allocated CCs – Bath, Darlington, LKA, Leeds, Manchester and Windsor, which will join Crufts, Birmingham National, Welsh Kennel Club and Scottish Kennel Club May show.

It has been brought to the attention of the GDBC that some ill advised people have been using various social media platforms to abuse, and bully. It must be known that this reflects badly on the perpetrators and will not be tolerated. For guidelines and advice regarding this, please click here Kennel Club Issues Advice On Social Media Use and Facebook Rules and be aware that there will be consequences, and extreme cases of threat or bullying will be reported to the legal authorities

On the 25th January the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust launched the "Give a Dog a Genome" project and we are pleased to announce that our application to be included has been accepted. The £1000 donation for each breed is being matched by the Kennel Club. All nine Breed Clubs are fully supporting this research to create the UK's largest Genome bank.  This will be of considerable help in the understanding of the canine genome and improve canine health.

The aim is to sequence the entire genomes (consisting of 2.4 billion DNA letters) of 50 different breeds by the end of 2016. The Health sub-committee made its initial enquiry to the AHT in mid-February, securing a place subject to receipt of the donation. The uptake in the project by breeds has been extremely quick. The £1000 donation money came from the Breed Council (8 clubs) and the Great Dane Breeders and Owners. There are now over 70 breeds who have applied to join and in addition to the original 50 required, the AHT hope to move forward in 2017 with a further 25. It is understood that we are included in the first 50 to be sequenced. For more information it is suggested that you visit the AHT website at

To all our members,

After 8 years as secretary of the MWEGDC I will be stepping down from this role at the end of 2017 due to an increase in my work commitments.  I will remain on the MWEGDC as part of the committee so I will still be around to help out. There will be a phased handover of the secretarial duties to Sarah Tempest (who has kindly agreed to take over the role), which will hopefully make the transition between secretaries as smooth as possible.

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

Many Thanks

Hilary Baker ( Hon Sec)